"Your energy is awesome and those drum circles
were off the charts." Kellee McQuinn, KidTribe Founder


“ I really enjoyed playing with the instruments and making music. Great fun.”

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About Drums

What if I’m not a drummer/ musician?

Contrary to what some belief, everyone has rhythm.  Drumming is just an extension of the basic beat of your own heart. Anyone can drum, and anyone can participate in and interactive music making experience or  a drum circle. No experience is necessary.

What kind of drum should I get?

about drumsChoosing a drum is a very personal experience. My advice is try as many drums as possible and choose the drum that calls you. Different styles of drumming resonate with people in a personal way. Other factors to take into consideration is what type of groups you will play with and where. If you need something durable and impervious to weather you might be best off buying a REMO drum. Remo drums have a synthetic head and are made of composite materials. For more information on Remo drums, go to the www.remo.com site. For a list of drum companies or a personal reference contact John directly at drumevents@gmail.com or check our links page. No matter what kind of drum you have, bring it and we’ll have some fun!