"Your energy is awesome and those drum circles
were off the charts." Kellee McQuinn, KidTribe Founder


“ I really enjoyed playing with the instruments and making music. Great fun.”

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Welcome to Rhythm Revolution™

Rhythm Revolution™ is a leading interactive, rhythm based, events organization headed by John Yost based in Chicago, Illinois. Our primary focus is providing facilitated music experiences, drum classes and percussion performances. We work with corporate groups, festivals,  healthcare, school and community populations worldwide. Mission: Rhythm Revolution™ uses music as a medium and working metaphor to connect people with themselves and each other, and to tap into the healing, educational and joyful power of music.

What is Interactive Drumming?

Rhythm Revolution based in Chicago IllinoisInteractive drumming is a group of people creating and sharing a rhythmical and a musical experience. The instruments used are based upon outcomes and objectives for the group set buy client representatives or the intentions of the participants.  These instruments can be: body percussion, voice, percussion instruments including; drums, triangles, cowbells, woodblocks, rasps, shakers, Boomwhacker music tubes, handbells, chimes, gongs and homemade found sounds . We use various seating formats to optimize listening and communicating. We believe everyone is an equal participant with no person in the ensemble any more or less important which is a great metaphor for team building and creating group synergy. The sustained repetition of the pulse results in a rhythmic phenomenon called rhythmic entrainment. Entrainment uplifts the self physically, mentally and emotionally. There is a calming effect on the body and an energizing effect on the spirit.





Do I need to be a drummer?

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