"Your energy is awesome and those drum circles
were off the charts." Kellee McQuinn, KidTribe Founder


“ I really enjoyed playing with the instruments and making music. Great fun.”

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Rhythm Revolution uses the Health RHYTHMS® protocol developed by Barry Bittman, MD, neurologist and CEO, Director of the Mind-Body Wellness Center in Meadville, PA. This protocol scientifically proves what people have suspected all along. Music and music making has healing benefits. The study proved that using this specific protocal, participants showed significantly increased (Natural Killer cells), white blood cells, that seek out and destroy cancer cells and virally-infected cells. In essence they boosted their immune system. For more information on that study go to Alternative Therapies – Jan. 2001.

Call or email us for a consultation on how we can bring this to your facility, center or group. (773) 802-0605 or drumevents@gmail.com.