"Your energy is awesome and those drum circles
were off the charts." Kellee McQuinn, KidTribe Founder


“ I really enjoyed playing with the instruments and making music. Great fun.”

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Nalco Chemical Company

“I would like to thank you for the drum facilitation you conducted on January 17, 2000 for Nalco’s Latin America Manufacturing & Logistics Conference. It was a fantastic way for us to develop a team spirit right at the beginning of the week. The attendees talked about it all weeklong following the event.

As you recall we had three distinct groups attending the conference, few of which had met each other face to face before that time: the Latin America manufacturing and logistics group, the Naperville Corporate Export group and an outside third party logistics supplier. During the drumming session, it was great to see each person be recognized both as an individual and as a member of the team. No matter what was a person’s ability for rhythm or which department they were from, the group accepted them. It didn’t matter how you did and everyone had a chance. It was through your and Rick’s facilitation that broke down any walls that may have existed.

Later that week in our meetings, I actually drew upon the events of the drumming night to make an analogy from time to time. For example, when everyone wanted to talk at the same time to make their point, it was like one of the “rumbles” we had when everyone played their instrument at the same time. Then we could bring the meeting back to order, summarize the key points and move on.

I would recommend your drum facilitation to any group where there is a need for team building to improve the team’s work performance. You catered specifically to the needs of my group and provided a good variety of group exercises during the session.”

Mark Miner – Director of Manufacturing and Logistics- Latin America

City of Chicago, Department of Cultural Affairs

“Rhythm Revolution’s participation in the Harvest Moon Drum Circle on the Museum Campus was a special component of the World Music Festival: Chicago.”

“Rhythm Revolution’s professionalism and leadership abilities were greatly appreciated. Thank you for your participation and we look forward to working with you in the Future.”

Michelle Callopy

Festival of Nations -Minnesota’s Largest Ethnic Celebration

“I was thoroughly motivated by your group “Rhythm Revolution” you were exciting, energetic and most of all fun!
I was amazed how you managed to always get each group of participants’ so totally involved in the music and they became willing musicians.
You gave 110% at each performance even though you seemed exhausted after
each session. It was fun to just see how people who were watching got involved.
you did a terrific job and everyone loved it.”

Mary Paetzel
Festival of Nations

Chicago Public Art Group

“Chicago Public Art group was delighted to have Rhythm Revolution perform during our Open House party on March 26. Their performance was energetic, rhythmic, uplifting and enjoyed by all. Thanks to Rhythm Revolution for helping create an atmosphere for a joyous party.”

Jon Pounds

Chicago Symphony Orchestra

“On behalf of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, I would like to extend my sincere thanks for Rhythm Revolution’s participation in the 2001 Marshall Field’s Day of Music. Despite uncertain times in the world, nearly 14,000 people came to Symphony Center on September 22nd to hear glorious music from across Chicago land and across the world. Your generosity in sharing your talent was greatly appreciated by the staff and patrons of Symphony Center and helped make this day an extraordinary community experience.”

James M. Fahey
Assistant Director of Programming


“Dear Remo:

Lowrey’s “Home Organ Holiday ’01 is history but the phone calls, cards, letters, and reservations for next year’s event are coining in daily. Without exception they all claim that this years event was the “best ever. ” Next year’s “5th Anniversary” show hopefully will be the biggest and best one yet! I just wanted you to know that your drum circles and your clinicians have played a large part in the success of our event.

I also want you to know that John Yost, who was recommended to us by Christine, worked out very well. He did an excellent job for us. He was prompt, pleasant , and just a pleasure to work with. He certainly is a professional and we thank Christine for helping us find someone like him.

Thank you again for all your support for our program. If I can ever be of help to you, all you have to do is pick up the phone. Health, happiness, and great business to you.

Best personal regards,”


The Field Museum

“We would like to extend a heartfelt thanks for your contributions to the Living Together Exhibit Opening festivities on Saturday, November 8 and Sunday, November 9, 1997.

This exhibit is a timely and important statement about the benefits of cultural diversity and exchange. By sharing your remarkable talent with the public on its opening weekend you helped to get that idea across. The drum event and circle, Coming Together to Express the Universal Language of rhythm, was the highlight of the event.

We appreciated your time, effort, and the exceptional leadership ability you displayed while helping The Field Museum to make the Living Together Opening the success that it was. Thank you and we look forward to the possibility of working with you again in the future.”

Maureen Ransom
Subject Matter Specialist, Anthropology
Education Department

Friends of the Gifted

“Just a short note to tell you how much we enjoyed your Drum Circle
evening which was held on November 13 th at Addams Jr. High School in Schaumburg.

We were especially impressed with how you were able to lead the group and at the same time allow us to express our own individual beat. We were also impressed by how you were able to lead the 75+ people using mostly hand signals. The evening was truly and un”beat”able time.

Once again thank you for a very uplifting experience.”

Lou Winczewski
F.O.G. Corresponding Secretary

Middlefork School

“Mr. Yost was the keynote experience at the 10th
Annual T.E.A.M. (Teachers of Experiential & Adventure Methodology)
Conference. It was there that I first saw him keep 5oo adults interested and on
task for about an hour. I also had the pleasure of taking one of his workshops
where he taught us how to facilitate rhythm experiences with our students. This
was an exciting and eye opening experience for me. I have always loved music,
and now I finally had some tools to transfer this love of music to my
kindergartners. I have since tried some of the activities with my students – they
love them! It’s also important to mention that current brain research continues
to show the integral part that music plays in improving memory, increasing
cognitive functions and in learning new tasks.
At the end of the school year, my room mothers asked me what I would like
for a gift. It was important for me to find a gift that would benefit my
kindergartners and bring closure to a fabulous school year. I asked them to hire
Rhythm Revolution. They readily agreed that this would be an outstanding gift.
The facilitators managed to keep 44 very active kindergartners engaged for over
an hour. (If you work with young children, then you know that this is no small
task!) This proved to be a memorable part of their kindergarten experience
which they still talk about excitedly.
My principal, Dr. Linda Vieth had also seen John at the T.E.A.M.
Conference. She was thrilled that he was coming to my classroom. She talked to
the superintendent and they hired him to facilitate the last faculty meeting of
the year. Everyone eagerly participated. We truly ended the year on a high
This fall, the school district hired Rhythm Revolution to facilitate drum
circles for every grade level from kindergarten through eighth grade. The
students loved it. The drum circle brought the students closer together, by a
process known as entrainment. Entrainment is the rhythmical alignment of a
group in which all the individuals play as one. It was a great team building
experience for all of them.
I found the facilitators of Rhythm Revolution to be the utmost
professionals. They were flexible and worked with us to meet our various needs.
They were prompt, courteous, and very motivating.
I highly recommend Rhythm Revolution. They instill a love of rhythm
into everyone that they meet.”


Susan New
Kindergarten Teacher


“I am pleased to write this letter of recommendation on behalf of John
Yost and Sarina Kates for their work PROJECT HEARTBEAT. Both John and Sarina are very knowledgeable about the use of percussion instruments as a means to enhance and extend classroom activities.

During the two mornings PROJECT HEARTBEAT took place in our school six year-old girls and boys were learning even and odd patterns as part of our math curriculum. John and Sarina skillfully reviewed the concept of “odd and even” and helped our first graders connect the appropriate beats on a variety of percussion instruments. Using the heartbeat rhythm as a base, even and odd patterns were used to sculpt a song with the children. Throughout the lesson there were opportunities for both individual and group expression. This kind of hands-on, interactive lesson fosters learning that is solid and permanent – and a lot of fun.

We are fortunate that these two percussionists were available to share
their knowledge and love of drumming with the students in our

Beverly Biggs, Principal
Lower School (Grades 1-4)


“You have outdone yourself again! I was so pleased with the success of your facilitating the Drum Circle which came at the end of our very important meeting ……… It was not only a wonderful display of your talents but also of the power that a drumming circle can hold as a community-building exercise.”

I have heard many positive and enthusiastic comments from faculty members,
administrators and other members of the HW staff. President, Nancy DeSombre, has given it rave reviews. You and your associates did a great job. Please be sure to inform them of the positive feedback that you are receiving. Thank you once again.

Suzanne Arata
Foreign Language/ESL Dept.
Assoc. Professor, Japanese/ESL

A weekly publication from the Office of the President

“……And then there were the drums. As part of our day of unity in September, we had a day of multicultural and community drumming at the HWC. Our past four years have been targeted toward building unity and community and Suzanne Arata and Peggy Shapiro felt that drumming would be an energizing and community-building exercise. It was definitely that! Those who participated felt a new energy as we followed the lead of John Yost in a community drumming activity. At the end Tobin Wright and Freida Stillerman led us all in dancing while Michelle Downing showed her proficiency on the maracas. Our ears were ringing but our spirits were soaring as we concluded the wild drumming with a fantastic conclusion. HWC will never be the same.”

Nancy Desombre

Red Oak School

“Thank you very much for the stimulating three day adventure you and your staff created for the students of Red Oak School.

The children are still talking about the different instruments, rhythm, beat and
“found sounds”. The “Boom Whackers” are still making music in our classes.

I appreciated your ability to relate so positively to the children. Since you were
working with children of all ages from Kindergarten to Grade 5, your talents as a
teacher were splendidly implemented. At all times, children knew exactly what
you expected and were thrilled to create shared sounds.

The concluding Drum Circle was “The best thing we have ever done at Red
Oak!”, exclaimed one staff member. No higher praise can be given, because
we’ve done some great things!

In conclusion, thank you for sharing your talents and expertise with us. Thank you
for reinforcing our spirit of community. Thank you for helping us to create a new
tradition. Finally, thanks for helping us to have fun!”

Kathleen Creely, Principal
Red Oak School